Cheese Press – #0085

-MFG year 1983


-Model # 1600

-Serial # 5565

-Allen-Bradley panel view  

-Volts 110

-Overall dimensions 190″Lx113″Wx67″T 

Cheese Cutters

 This pneumatic cheese cutter provides a fast, easy and accurate way of cutting wedges from cheese wheels. The cutter comes with any assortment of manually indexing cut blocks to fit customers needs. With this unit manual labor is drastically reduced along with an increase in wedge production!


10 Head Cheese Press – #2692

-All stainless steel

-Manual hand valves (missing one)

-4 swivel casters 

-Needs to be assembled

-Overall dimensions 90″Lx47″Wx80″T 

2 Way Cheese Cutter – #2687

-Cuts vertical & horizontal

-All stainless

-2 lockable 2 rigid casters

-Needs a rewire 

-Overall dimensions 65″Lx24″Wx51″T 

3 level Cheese Press – #2660

-MFG by Qual Tech year 2011

-Serial # 0101167-1


-Stainless construction

-2×2 square tube frame

-For press round molds 

-Draining outlets on each level

-Has 3 aluminum cylinders

-4 lockable casters (swivel)

-Overall dimensions 73″Lx27″Wx59″T


2 Way Cheese Cutter – #0076

-$5,500.00 as is

-Hart Design & MFG inc

-Model # 402P

-Serial # 89404

-Roller (some missing)

-Overall dimensions 95″Lx54″Wx52″T