10 Head Cheese Press – #2542


-New 8″ lockable casters qty 4

-New air lines

-New hand valves

-Air regulator

-Parker Aluminum Cylinders

-11″ press plates

-Sandblasted/cleaned the welds

Cheese Cutter – #2372

-Stainless construction

-Polyethylene board and controls

-On casters

-Air cylinders



Johnson Cheese Cutter – # 1956

-40# Block cutter

-Pneumatic cheese cutter

-For exact weight pieces

-Single horizontal cut

-All stainless sanitary design

-On casters

-Model number CJ-4001c

-Serial number 2128

Cheese Vats

 All American-made Cheese Vats built to our customers needs!


  • All 304 stainless construction
  • Durable 12 gauge inner pan
  • 14 gauge outer skin
  • All stainless frame
  • Comes standard with water or steam heat
  • Any size tri-clamp drain
  • Custom length and width

Our Cheese Vat can be ordered with all-stainless steel rail and agitators carriage.


  • 1/2 HP gear-motor
  • 1/2 HP gear-motor
  • User-friendly touchscreen and controls
  • Pre-programmed and customizable PLC controls


  • Milk Paddles
  • 7/8″ diameter colby and cheddar forkers

Two Row Cheese Press – #1754

-Horizontal cheese press

-Sanitary stainless construction

-Adjustable legs with casters

-Sized for cheddar forms 14″W channels

-2” Clamp drain openings 

-40″W x 126″L x 32″T

Two Head Cheese Press – #2351

-Vertical cheese press

-Stainless steel construction

-Dual cylinders, pneumatic cylinders with controls

-85″T x 40″L x 20″W