HS-2182- Paul Mueller 4 Section HTST plate heat exchanger, skid mounted on stainless steel frame, skid setup by Koss Industrial 2″ holding tube, 18,000 pounds per hour, set up for milk bottling using a separator plus homogenizer, 50 gallon balance tank, flow based system using flow meter, tri-clover 316 plus 716 air valve, chemical addition tanks for cleaning steam heated with shell plus tube with condensate recovery system, all pumps on stand controls, Anderson AV-9000 recorders, Anderson presses differential switch. Dimensions 12’Lx9’Wx11’T

MC-1911- 3 TANK

MC-1911- 3 Individual Tanks connected as one, 2″ threaded outlet each, with 1½” threaded inlet on top, all stainless steel construction, each has a lid. Inside dimensions 30″Wx30″D, overall dimensions 104″Lx34″Wx68″T


Ullmer’s Dairy Equipment, INC. can also help you with the following services available: – Brewery Consulting and Sales Our in-house German-trained brewer and engineer can help you with brewery needs! Some of our brewery-related services we offer are: General Brewery Planning – Pump and Vessel sizing Finding used fittings and components Selecting used dairy equipment […]

Wisconsin winter is coming. It’s a great time for Maple syrup farmers / hobbyists to stock up on maple syrup supplies / equipment for next years thaw. We have used holding tanks, clamps, tubing, and a custom fabrication shop to help make your vision become a reality. Our used balance tank selection helps keep items […]