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Now order new Batch Pastuerizers
100 Gallons to 2000 Gallons
Also Available With: Leak Detect Valve, Agitators, Atmospheric Heaters, Chart Recorders, and Assorted Temperature Probes
Half Down to Order
​Arrives 80 days later

We currently have these tanks
available and in stock:
300 Gallon Wing Top
100 Gallon Solid Cover
For more information please call us at
(920) 822-8266 or Email: Ullmersdairyeqpt@netnet.net
Batch Pasteurizers & Processing Tanks  
Tetra-Tak Processing Tank
650 Gallons
Water Jacketed 
2 1/2" Outlet
Diameter x Depth
84"W x 90"D
800 Gallon 
Water Jacketed Processor
1 1/4" NPT Jacket Connections
Diameter x Depth
84"D x 76"D
25 Gallon return tank

300 Gallon
Steam Jacketed Pasteurizer
Wing Top 
Diameter x Height 
54" x 54"
750 Gallon Chester Jensen Open Top Processor
Steam Heated Bottom
D x H
96" x 77"
25 Gallon return tank

1000 Gallon
Dome Top Processor
Stainless Steel
Diameter x Height 
54" x 54"
300 Gallon 
Vertical Processor
Stainless Steel
50" Legs
L x W x H
60" x 44" x 104"
Mojonnier Dome Top Processor
Steam Heated
500 Gallons
Steel Legs
H x W
84" x 66"
200 Gallon 
Creamery Package
Wing Top Processor
Steel Legs
1 1/2" Outlet
W x H
52" x 64"
100 Gallon 
Batch Pasteurizer
Solid Cover
Swing Away Agitator Design 
W x H
44" x 48"
300 Gallon 
Batch Pasteurizer
Wing Top Design
Stainless Steel
W x H
58" x 84"
60 Gallon 
Jacketed Double Wall Tank
On Stainless Portable Frame
2" Connections
L x H x W
54" x 24" x 60"