Ullmer's Dairy Equipment, INC. can also help you with the following services available:

- Brewery Consulting and Sales

Our in-house German-trained brewer and engineer can help you with brewery needs!

Some of our brewery-related services we offer are:

  • General Brewery Planning - Pump and Vessel sizing
  • Finding used fittings and components
  • Selecting used dairy equipment to re-purpose as brewing equipment
  • Custom-design brewing equipment, vessels, and fabrication from scratch
  • Brewing process troubleshooting

Eddy Thiry started his own brewery here in Wisconsin, Thumb Knuckle Brewing Company.  He utilized some of our used equipment and modified it to meet his needs.  We were lucky enough to have him agree to work with us and help other breweries get started.  Give us a call or reach out to us at: and we can get you started.

Curd Knife Re-Wire

Curd knife wear out on you?  Give us a call.  We can re-wire or modify your curd knife for the ideal cut for you. Feel free to call us at: (920) 822-8266 or send us an email at:

Update and Customize Older Equipment


Refurbished Horn Press